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Joyful + Warm | Custom Brand + Site

Angela Monica

Joyful + Warm
Custom Brand + Site

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1) Branding that clearly reflects Angela’s brand mission and attracts her target audience, while staying true to her personality 

2) Combining the ease of editing in Showit with the power of WordPress blogging. Making site updates is now much easier than it was when Angela was using a WordPress theme.

3) Angela’s new Showit site is user-friendly and mobile-friendly, with custom layouts for mobile and desktop.

4) Angela can now easily convert website visitors into podcast listeners with easy to access podcast content embedded into her site.

5) Angela now has the ability to sell products on her site. Her custom shop design was created in Showit and matches the rest of her site. All of her order and product management is streamlined inside a separate Shopify account, making shop management easy.

Key Results:

The main objectives of this project were to:

1) Create branding that authentically represents Angela/her brand, and attracts the new audience she wants to serve

2) Design a website that was more user friendly and easy to update

3) Create a site that was more focused on podcasting than just blog articles

4) Integrate an e-commerce shop and podcasting features into the site

These objectives were accomplished by:

1) Creating a new color palette that is contemporary, warm and welcoming.

2) Designing a logomark and wordmark that was feminine and would appeal to empty nest moms.

3) Changing Angela’s brand tone and messaging to words that more authentically reflected Angela’s personality. She loves to write how she talks!

4) Designing a Showit site with proper structure and readability to improve user experience on mobile devices and desktop. 

5) Creating a page specifically focused on promoting Angela’s podcast, turning her podcast episodes into blog posts, and embedding the podcast audio into blog posts. Embedding the podcast audio in Angela’s blog allows visitors to listen to episodes while still on her site.

6) Integrating Shopify Lite with Showit so that Angela can sell products on her site. 


Angela came to me with a WordPress blog that she was struggling to update and a vision for changing her business focus. Writing blog posts just wasn’t enjoyable for her; she was interested in trying podcasting instead. She felt inspired to focus her brand on encouraging women to find their joy and purpose outside of motherhood. It was also a priority that she be able to sell products on her site that support her brand message (t-shirts, mugs, etc.). 

Main Problem:

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