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 I’m here to save you time (and frustration) by sharing the essential business tools I recommend, and giving you a crash course on how to use each one. You in?

If you just said “Yes!,” you’re in the right place. 

Learning the skills you need to run the backend of your business doesn’t have to be overwhelming. 

Business Skills

- Michelle H.

It was soo much easier to go there and see all our correspondence then having to search through my emails. You introduced me to it and I started using Trello in my own life since I saw how easy it was to streamline things. THANK YOU!”

“I absolutely loved how organized the whole process was with the Trello board!

- Hannah P.

I felt supported throughout the entire process and she did such an amazing job at explaining different features and aspects of my website with the videos she provided.”

“Maya was also responsive and patient with my many questions and thoughts...

- Kamili W.

 starting with the initial phone call, the contract, video tutorials that hold your hand and walk you through a task, and timely feedback on our shared trello board, and lastly her willingness to share resources that could help with a task.”

"[Maya has a] spirit of excellence in providing clear, concise instructions

here’s what clients have shared:

I’ve been using the tools and skills I'll be showing you in my own biz  for years…

I’m able to stay (mostly) organized, market my online business, and provide a great client experience now because I have the tools and skills to do it. 

But it hasn’t always been this way.

When I first started my business and people told me about project management tools, email marketing, CRMs, and SEO…it felt like they were speaking a language I clearly wasn’t fluent in.

Ever felt overwhelmed by all the business tools out there? Yeah, me too.

Unfortunately, there was no easy way. But I was determined to learn what I needed to run my business smoothly. So I binged YouTube tutorials and learned these tech skills through trial and error.

Why was this so important to me? Because before you can apply strategies and systems to help you get results, you need to learn foundational skills - a.k.a how to use the tools. (It’s kinda hard to get results from your email list if you don’t know how to use MailChimp/ConvertKit/Flodesk…right?

I wanted to press an “easy” button and have everything figured out. 

 It’s a getting started toolkit to help you learn practical tech
and organization skills that make daily business easier.

That’s why I created Everyday Business Skills.

In 2020, I decided to try sharing business tech tutorials on YouTube to help market my business. My first video, “How to Create a Social Media Calendar in Trello,” was filmed modestly (I didn’t show my face or use a professional mic). 

But it started getting attention. After reading some of the comments, I started to realize that people seem to like my teaching style, and want my help.

Today, that simple video has over 26K views and 850 likes! Here’s what some of the comments say:

The Trello Tutorial that Took Off


Imagine: It’s time to sit down and work on business things. You sit down at your computer and open ClickUp to look at your to-do list. There’s no need to spend 30 minutes deciding what to work on today, because you already planned out your tasks ahead of time.

One of your tasks for today is to write an email to your list. You take a look at your content calendar in ClickUp to see what the topic is. Then, you open ConvertKit, write and schedule the email, check off the task in ClickUp, and reward yourself with a piece of chocolate. 

Next, you hop on a discovery call with a potential client. Afterwards, you open up Honeybook, customize the proposal, invoice, and contract templates that you had prepped ahead of time, and send it off to the client. It’s time for another piece of chocolate!

Sounds pretty great, right?!

Let’s chat about what’s possible for you…

want some inspiration?

(although, admittedly my email list sometimes sits around and collects dust…but that’s a whole other conversation. Nobody’s perfect, and that includes me!)

But not only is this possible for you - I’m here to walk you through what you need to know to use tools like ClickUp, ConvertKit, and Honeybook to make daily business easier.

You don’t have to be tech savvy or have prior experience with these tools. We’re starting from ground zero and taking things step by step.

One day, you’ll be confidently using these tools, too. And enjoying some chocolate. (Or whatever your snack reward of choice is).

It’s possible - these are real things that I do in my business on a weekly basis.

I’ll be teaching you the basics on the following topics:

Get a Glimpse at What’s Inside the Course:

the modules

Choosing Your Tool: Asana vs. Trello vs. ClickUp

Getting Started with Trello, Asana, or ClickUp


In this first module, I'll teach you how to go digital with your to-do list! Using a project management tool like ClickUp, Trello, or Asana makes it easier to keep up with your daily tasks and plan big-picture projects with flexibility.

Module 1: Organize Your To-do’s

Creating Your First Freebie

Choosing Your Tool: MailChimp vs. ConvertKit vs. Flodesk

Getting Started with MailChimp, ConvertKit, or Flodesk


Ready to learn the basics of using an email marketing tool? I’ll help you create your first freebie, and choose between MailChimp, ConvertKit, and Flodesk. Then, I’ll teach you what you need to know about your chosen platform so that you can get subscribers and start talking to them!

Module 2: Start Email Marketing

What is SEO?

Getting Started with Keyword Research

Meet Your Blogging Buddies: WordPress + Yoast

Putting It All Together: Writing Your First Blog Post with SEO


Blogging is one of the easiest content marketing options to start with. But did you know that you need to include SEO (search engine optimization) in your posts for them to show up on Google? Don’t worry, I’ll teach the basics of writing strategic blog posts so that you can reach people!

Module 3: Blog with SEO

Choose Your Tool: Honeybook vs. Dubsado

Getting Started with Honeybook or Dubsado

Client Contract Resources


In this module, we’ll go over the difference between Honeybook and Dubsado so that you can choose a CRM. Then, I’ll show you how to set up an account with your chosen tool to help you send proposals, sign contracts, and keep track of client payments with ease.

Module 4: Keep Track of Clients

Design Tips for Social Media

Getting Started with Canva

Design Your First Graphic!


I’m a graphic designer by trade, so I had to include something about design! For our last tool tutorial, I’ll show you how to use Canva to design social media graphics.

Module 5: Design Social Media Graphics


Time management Tips for the Part-Time Entrepreneur
Simple Bookkeeping with Wave

2 Bonus Trainings


ClickUp, Trello, and Asana Template Suites
Keyword Research Spreadsheet Template
5 Canva Templates for Instagram



Get my favorite YouTube channel, podcast, book, and course recommendations to help you keep learning and growing your skills as a biz owner!

Resource Library

Your enrollment will include all of the lessons listed above, plus these bonuses to make your experience even better:

Did I mention there’s bonuses?

You might have noticed that in some of the lesson plans above, I’m teaching how to get started with several different tools that have the same job. For example, in the organization tools section, there will be a lesson for ClickUp, one for Trello, and one for Asana.

That’s because I understand that everyone’s brain works differently, and everyone’s business is different. I use ClickUp, ConvertKit, and Honeybook in my own business. But you might prefer Trello, Flodesk, and Dubsado. You get to build your own toolkit!

The options that I’ve chosen to teach on are some of the top tools in the online business world, and I’ve actually used them all at some point in my business. So I can explain the pros and cons of each from experience to help you choose!

I’m giving you options so you can choose your own adventure.

Module 0:
Getting Started
Welcome Workbook
Facebook Community Access
Bonus: Business Resource Library

Module 1:
Organize Your To-do’s
Bonus: ClickUp, Trello, and Asana Templates

Module 2:
Start Email Marketing

Module 3: Blog with SEO to Reach Your Audience
Bonus: Keyword Research Spreadsheet

Module 4: Keep Track of Clients 

Module 5: Design Social Media Graphics
Bonus: Canva Instagram Templates
Stick with It: Encouragement for You Moving Forward
Bonus Trainings: Time management Tips for Part-Time Entrepreneurs, Simple DIY Bookkeeping with Wave

Module 0: Getting Started
Welcome Workbook
Facebook Community Access
Bonus: Business Resource Library

Module 1: Organize Your To-do’s
Bonus: ClickUp, Trello, and Asana Templates

Module 2: Start Email Marketing

Module 3: Blog with SEO to Reach Your Audience
Bonus: Keyword Research Spreadsheet

Module 4: Keep Track of Clients 

Module 5: Design Social Media Graphics
Bonus: Canva Instagram Templates
Stick with It: Encouragement for You Moving Forward
Bonus Trainings: Time management Tips for Part-Time Entrepreneurs, Simple DIY Bookkeeping with Wave

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enroll now

Since this is my first time offering this course, I’m going to build it as we go, using your feedback to make sure I’m teaching what’s most relevant to you.

I’ll be releasing one module (with videos for you to watch at your own pace) every 2 weeks from August 3-September 28, 2022. Here’s the full breakdown:

Our Course Schedule


I’m here to support you every step of the way! You can reach out to me at any time via email. There will also be a Facebook group with me and fellow students where you can ask questions and share wins!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you mean by, “building the course as we go?”

Are the classes taught live?

Will we have lifetime access to the course?

I’m not “technical.” Is this course for me?

What types of businesses is this course good for?

Have a question that’s not answered on this page? Feel free to email me at maya@mayapalmerdesigns.com. I’m happy to help!

what "building the course as we go" means:

Since this is my first time offering this course, I will begin creating the content after students have enrolled. This will give me a chance to get feedback from students and make lessons that are relevant to you.

As of today, the Getting Started module is available, with all of the other modules coming over the next 9 weeks. See the course schedule above for more details!

great question!

 This will be an online course, with pre-recorded videos for that you can watch at your own pace. So, they won’t be live classes. 

lifetime access:

Yes! Since this is my first time teaching this course, I am going to “build it as we go,” releasing one module at a time after getting input from students on what y’all want to learn. 

Once I’ve recorded a module and put it into our course platform, you will have instant, lifetime access. This includes access to future updates, too!


I made this course with you in mind. We’re starting from ground zero, and I’ll walk you through things step by step. So no prior experience with any of the tools I’m teaching on is required. 

We’ll also be covering just the basic, practical skills that you need to use each tool. So, there are no complex deep-dives in this course!

this course is great for:

  • Service providers with an online or in-person small business (ex: life coaches, therapists, copywriters, designers, photographers, virtual assistants, home organizers, wedding planners, etc.)
  • If you are a content creator or product-based business (ex: bloggers, Youtubers, Etsy shop owners, etc.) you’ll still benefit from this course, but you probably won’t find module 4 (keeping track of clients) to be relevant, so you can just skip that section!