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Miss Erica's Reading Club

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"Maya is seriously AMAZING!!!! She is understanding and wants the best for both you and your brand.

It's like all you have to do is tell her a few pieces of your ideas and she can turn it into a masterpiece! Overall, if you choose to work with her, you will not be disappointed!!!!"

Kind Words from Erica:

1) Professional brand strategy and visuals to help Erica communicate her mission to her audience
2) A kid-friendly website design that gives Erica a space that she owns and can serve from

Key Results:

The main objectives of this project were to:

1) Develop an authentic brand strategy to help Erica connect with her ideal audience throughout her marketing

2) Create visual branding that was kid-friendly and would get kids excited about reading

3) Design a website to promote the reading club and provide resources for kids, parents, and teachers

These objectives were accomplished by:

1) Brand development to discover Erica's core reasons for serving through the reading club, who she serves, and what sets her apart

2) Choosing colors, fonts, and creating visuals that align with messaging developed. The open book logo is meant to invite kids into the exciting journey of reading. Erica wanted the primary colors for a playful, kid-friendly look.

3) Designing a website that is simple and easy for kids to navigate, but also has the capacity to expand with resources for parents and teachers. 


Erica came to me in need of brand strategy, brand visuals, and a website design for her non-profit. She had been posting YouTube videos for a while, and was ready to turn her reading club into a non-profit organization.

Main Problem:

Project Overview