Custom T-shirt & Product Design

Everyone loves a new t-shirt! My college gave away free t-shirts all the time, and the students and staff loved it. Whether you are looking to have a t-shirt graphic created for your next event, customer gifts, or as part of your staff's attire, I will create a custom design that suits your brand.

Once your t-shirt graphic has been created, you can take the design files and have them printed yourself, or I can help you with the printing process by connecting your with t-shirt printers who do quality work.

Promotional Products are items with your branding on them that can be given away to advertise your business.

Examples of promotional items that I have created are: ​

  • Labels for the commemorative glasses that are given away to the attendees of an annual event
  • Custom mugs with a festive design and the business' logo to be included in gift baskets for referring offices 
  • Custom gift tags for a business' seasonal gift deliveries
  • An event logo that was printed on cookies for the event

After I create the designs for your promotional products, you can get the items printed yourself, or I can help you with the printing process by connecting you with printers who can complete the job.

For more information on these services, please contact Maya.