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Cool + Calming | Custom Brand + Site

Preston Counseling Services

"Maya was very professional, creative and responsive to questions and completing the job in a very timely fashion. 

She was able to work within the specified budget. I would highly recommend anyone to utilize Maya’s services. She is organized, attentive to detail, highly motivated and very pleasant to work with."

Kind Words from Janet:

1) An improved client experience due to convenient access to forms and the ability to book appointments online. 

2) The ability for Janet to have confidence and excitement regarding how her brand is portrayed to others. 

Key Results:

The main objectives of this project were to:

1) Create branding that authentically reflected the mood Janet wanted to portray

2) Design a website that was more user friendly and had the necessary integrations

These objectives were accomplished by:

1) Replacing the dark color palette with a blue-green color palette that is welcoming and calming. These brand colors also coordinate with the interior design of Janet’s office, providing consistency for her patients.

2) Choosing contemporary fonts that are readable and have more personality

3) Creating a logo inspired by the dahlia flower. Dahlias symbolize inner strength and grace despite difficulty, messages that will likely resonate with Janet’s target audience.

4) Designing a site with proper structure and readability to improve user experience on mobile devices and desktop. 


Janet came to me with an outdated brand and site. Her brand colors were dark and uninviting. The structure of her website was cluttered and made navigating the site unappealing. She was also interested in making preparing for appointments more convenient for her clients by providing online booking and access to forms. 

Main Problem:

Project Overview