A professional, approachable brand and website is possible for YOU.

showit website design and branding

When I say professional, think intentional - not stuffy. Most of the brands I work with have a joyful, approachable vibe. But they still want to be taken seriously! And we can accomplish both.

It’s time for something more professional, and more tailored to your brand.

If you’re here, you’re probably a part-time or newly full-time business owner who’s ready to grow to the next level. Your DIY site has got the job done (after all, you’ve made it this far!) But you know that what got you here, won’t get you there. 

You’ve got some serious goals, and investing in quality design is a step towards making them happen.

- Hannah P, Wedding planner

It was the perfect representation of my vision and my business' mission, and I feel that anyone who stumbles across my website will get a sense of my brand immediately.”

"Working with Maya was an absolute joy. I was so impressed with how well she was able to turn my rambling thoughts and ideas into a cohesive and beautiful brand design.


Let’s transform a template into your brand’s new, professional online home.

Showit Template Customization

Design customization using existing brand’s fonts, colors, and logo

Minor Template layout changes + linking buttons (desktop + mobile)

Adding text + image content (provided by Client)

What's included

Basic SEO optimization

Integrations (email marketing forms, CRM forms, etc.)

Assistance with Launch (domain + blog connection)

Timeline: 4 Business days

You’ll have a month to complete your pre-homework before we get started!

INVESTMENT: starts at $1,400

Investment amount does not include the cost of your template. Payments are divided into 2 parts throughout the course of the project.

book a discovery call

book a discovery call

Everything in my standard Customization package, plus:

Template Customization + Branding 

Brand Strategy

Color Palette

Brand Guide

Primary Logo

2 Secondary Logos

Font Pairing

Business Card

TIMELINE: 2 WEEKS - INVESTMENT: starts at $2,500

TIMELINE: 2 WEEKS INVESTMENT: starts at $2,500



Custom-tailored brand and website design that aligns with your growth goals and feels like you.

Custom Branding + Showit Website Design

Timeline: 2 Weeks

You’ll have a month to complete your pre-homework before we get started!

Investment: $3,000-$4,500

Payments are divided into 4 parts throughout the course of the project.

book a discovery call

showit website

Brand Strategy

Primary Logo

2 Secondary Logos

Color Palette

Font Pairing

Business Card

Brand Guide

Custom Website Design

Built for Mobile & Desktop

Up to 10 pages designed

Blog template designs

Basic SEO


sessions with maya

(held via Zoom)

To make sure we’re on the same page as we begin the design process


To catch any final tweaks to your completed site


I'll record a video to help you learn how to edit your new Showit site!

1. pre-homework

No matter which package you choose, here's what it's like to work together:


Before designing, we need to prepare for success! You’ll answer some questions, writing website content, and gather images. I’ll be available to support you and answer questions!

2. the design process

It's time for the fun part! I'll translate what you've provided into strategic design that helps you move your business forward. Along the way, I'll be sending updates and requesting your feedback!

3. Launch & Celebrate

I’ll walk you through taking your site live, and show you how to use Showit. For your future success, I’ll also share resources for marketing your business!

Personalized website Training

After working together, you’ll be able to:

Focus more on the tasks that you love,

with the peace of mind that your website doesn’t need constant attention.

Confidently send potential clients, 

donors, collaborators, readers, etc. to your site, knowing that it’s already dressed to impress.

Understand what your brand “looks like”

so that moving forward, you can create more consistent visuals and build brand recognition with your audience.


- Dr. Z, Empowerment Coach

I could tell through her website and the work she has done for others was everything she could do for me. I am so very excited and pleased at all the hard-work and efforts she as put into my website.

Maya's calm and attentive personality and reviewing her work, spoke volumes to me.  

One of the best qualities she has is how punctual she is with her work. When you're juggling multiple projects at once it can be difficult when one of your collaborators isn't on time. Maya is not one of those people. She is wicked talented and very nice.

I think the new website will impact Salood because how easy it is to navigate now. Maya did a great job conveying our programs offered which will help with new visitors.”

Working with Maya was easy. She approaches each project with curiosity and wants to do whatever she can to achieve next level branding. 

- josh c, nonprofit leader

- Elyse V, food blogger

Additionally, the initial homework forced me to think about my brand and its needs more concretely, which allowed me to map more specific goals. 

Maya has created a beautiful and functional site that will truly propel my business forward. Her care and expertise has made the process easier than I could have ever imagined. The website as well as the branding have both exceeded my expectations, and I feel so lucky to have found her!”

From start to finish, Maya made the process incredibly straightforward, so I felt comfortable throughout. 

At this time, I don’t offer copywriting services. However, I’ll provide you with copywriting resources to help you write copy that connects and converts! Since I want your website to be the best it can be, I recommend investing in the services of a professional copywriter and photographer, if you can. I am also happy to recommend resources for finding high quality stock photos.

Will you write my website text & find images for me?

A few key things I will need are: your completed homework assignments (including website content), Showit login and domain information, and for you to show up with a willing, positive attitude! After signing the contract and paying your first invoice, you will receive welcome emails with more in-depth information about what you’ll need to provide and how to submit it.

What will I need to provide for you to create my brand + site?

Yes, you will need to pay for a monthly or yearly Showit plan that is separate from my designer fee. I recommend the Showit + Basic Blog Plan for websites with a small or new blog. Check out the Showit + Advanced Blog Plan if you have a large website and blog. You can view Showit's pricing here.

Do I pay for a Showit plan?

Showit is a website platform that is perfect for showcasing creative brands like photographers, therapists, life coaches, nonprofits, and bloggers. It features an easy drag + drop editor. The Showit + Blog plans integrate with WordPress for powerful blogging without the hard to edit site.

What is Showit?

Frequently Asked Questions


Let go of your DIY website frustrations so that you can make space for a new brand and website that will help you grow. 

If you’re ready to make the courageous decision to invest in your business, I’m here to support you.

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