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Therapy Unlimited

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“I love how my website looks and the flow of it! You totally made my vision come to life. 

This website will give people an opportunity to explore the services I provide and determine if I will be a good fit. I think my website will take away some the fear and unknowns that people have when it comes to therapy.

If you are looking for a website that will set you apart from others, Maya is the person for you. You will always be involved during the development of your website.

She is very organized and accessible. I am very happy with my website.”

Kind Words from Shirika:

1) Shrika now has a professional, genuine online presence. While it will take some time for her to get established, she is on her way to connecting with new clients online!

2) Clients can now prepare for appointments at home and save time by accessing their forms online. 

3) Booking is now easier for both clients and Shirika, as everything can be scheduled online. 

Key Results:

The main objectives of this project were to:

1) To create a user-friendly website that matched Shirika’s current visual branding, while clearly communicating her brand purpose. 
2) Use an SEO strategy that will help Shirika get found & book clients

3) Create editable PDF forms so that new clients can download & fill out their paperwork on the computer.

4) Establish a clear call-to-action and an easy way to book online. 

These objectives were accomplished by:

1) Creating a custom Showit site using Shirika’s current color palette, photo style, and fonts that clearly communicates the benefits of therapy. 

2) Using a location-based SEO strategy and choosing achievable keywords to rank for, since Shirika is just starting to build her online presence. Shirika’s blog articles will serve as a long-term avenue to help drive traffic to her site. 

3) Turning Shirika’s existing client paperwork into digital forms that can be downloaded from her website and filled out on the computer (or printed & filled out by hand)

4) Linking Shirika’s Acuity Scheduling account to her site. Clients can now jump from her website to booking page with just the click of a button.


Shirika came to me with an existing logo and branding, but no online presence. She was looking to create a website design to help potential clients find and connect with her. Since Shirika loves her current visual branding, it was important to her that my site design match it. Two important site features were for clients to be able to access forms and book appointments online. 

Main Problem:

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