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This mini-course is a complete toolkit for creative business owners who are new to Trello and want easy-to-implement guidance for getting organized. 

Learn the Basics of Trello & Get Organized in Just 5 Days

Even though you're managing to get everything done, keeping track of your to-do list is harder than it should be. From scattered sticky notes to random lists on scrap paper, you have reminders everywhere and it's tiring to keep up with it all.

You love serving your clients and using your passions to make an impact. It’s the repetitive admin & business tasks that slow you down.

Work-life balance is beginning to sound like a fairytale, and you’re not spending as much time as you’d like fully present with those you love. 

Getting organized using a project management system like Trello sounds nice, but you're busy and you don't want to waste your time struggling to learn something new.  


Does any of this sound familiar?

No more having to hunt for sticky notes, or reinventing the wheel every time you go to accomplish something. 

You'll have more time and brain space to focus on serving your clients well.

Let's be real: I'm not sure that work-life balance is some perfectly achievable thing. At least with organization in place, you'll feel more able to step away from your work, knowing that you can pick up where you left off when you're ready. 

I'll save you time by teaching you the basics and giving you templates so that all you have to do is show up, learn, and dive into Trello!

Having workflows and systems in place will help you manage your time more wisely,

Say goodbye to overwhelm, and hello to organization + clarity. 

My Trello Social Media Content Calendar tutorial on YouTube has 3.4K+ views, 123 likes, and almost 50 comments from people who found it helpful!

Watch the tutorial (above) to get a feel for my teaching style, and see why everyone is so excited about this social media calendar!

Why Should You Trust Me to Help You Learn Trello?

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Managing Your Weekly To-do List
Content Planning & Content Creation
Managing Client Projects
 (Bonus module included for product-based businesses)
*Board Templates Included so You Can Copy & Get to Work!*

we’ll focus on creating Trello boards
with simple, easy-to-follow workflows for organizing the following tasks:

This mini-course will teach how to streamline your process for things that you do over and over again in your business.

You're just 5 days away from having a more organized business.

It’s my mission to make quality design and business education more accessible for female creatives with compassionate brands.

As a designer, I help creative business owners build a heartfelt brand and website that allows them to show up confidently and serve well without feeling overwhelmed.

As an educator, I try to teach practical business and design skills in a way that feels simple. In my very first mini-course, Trello for Creatives, I'll show you how to use Trello to get organized in just 5 days.

Hi, I'm Maya Palmer.

I'm a Brand + Showit Web Designer, and I'll be your teacher for this course!

meet your teacher

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Get access & Dive in for just $27

How I Use Trello + Google Calendar to Schedule My Week

Using Trello as a Product-based Business

A Behind-the-Scenes Look at One of My Client Project Boards

Using Trello as a Team

+ More Resources, and access to
the private Trello for Creatives Facebook group!

bonus content:

*Board Templates Included so You Can Copy & Get to Work!*


Module 1: Introduction to Trello

Module 2: Using Trello to Manage Your Weekly Tasks 

Module 3: Using Trello for Content Planning & Creation Workflows

Module 4: Using Trello to Manage Client Projects

Module 5: Tips for Creating Your Own Custom Boards


mini-course contents:

It's time we take the stress out of staying organized.

My hope is that you will find this simple mini-course helpful, but your purchase comes with a 30 Day Money-back Guarantee. To request a refund, email maya@mayapalmerdesigns.com.

6. CAN i get a refund?

I'm here to support you as you learn Trello and begin your journey to better business organization. If you have questions or tech issues, feel free to email me at maya@mayapalmerdesigns.com. You can also ask questions in the private Trello for Creatives Facebook group.

5. What if i need help?

This mini-course is broken into 5 modules (plus bonus content), and is meant to be completed in 5 days. I kept the lectures/tutorials short so that you will have time to do the homework each day. However, the 5 day plan is a suggestion. Feel free to take the course at your own pace - you have lifetime access!

4. How long is the course?

This course was created with you in mind! We're going to start with the basics. If you're already an advanced Trello user, you probably won't find this course helpful.

3. What if I've never used trello?

The Free plan of Trello is all that you need to complete this course! Inside the course, I have a link to all of the Trello plans & pricing, but upgrading isn't required.

2. Do I have to pay for Trello?

Trello is a project management system. It’s a place where you can break projects into tasks, set due dates, and communicate with others who are working on your projects. 

1. What is Trello?

Frequently Asked Questions

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Get access & Dive in for just $27

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