A VIP experience for Brand & Showit Designers looking for white label design support.

The Get it Done Day

You’d like to prioritize rest and time off with loved ones this holiday season. But with a long list of to-do’s, it feels like a stretch to get everything done in time.

The Get it Done Day was created with you in mind. Let’s lighten your load so that you can focus on the tasks that are in your zone of genius and clock out for the holidays with peace of mind. 

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the things you need to get done before the end of the year, let me lend a hand. 


i'm ready

Breathe a sigh of relief knowing that your to-do list just got shorter. During your reserved day, I’ll be communicating with you to provide updates, request feedback, and let you know if there’s anything else I need!

Breathe ✨


Once you’ve booked, I'll request any necessary details in order for me to complete the tasks you want to delegate. Examples: Showit access, final logo files, fonts, copywriting, etc.

Delegate ➡️


Contact me to get started! We'll meet for a quick discovery call to discuss your needs, then I’ll send over your proposal, contract, and invoice. 

Book ✅


Trusting someone else with your client projects can feel scary. And if we’re being honest, sometimes the prep and revisions can make hiring help feel harder than just doing a task yourself. That’s why I strive to make this process easy for you.

Consider me your design assistant for the day.

how it works

Attention to detail and quality are always priorities. While revisions are always welcome, my clients rarely have many edits!

Projects are delivered on time. I strive to work at an efficient pace so that we can make the most of our time together.

Adapting to different design styles is fun for me. I consider myself to be a “design chameleon” - I adapt to the brand style of each client project.

Clear communication makes the process easier. I’ll let you know what to expect every step of the way, and you’ll have the direct line to me during your VIP day.


Clients have shared that they love working with me because:

Work with a designer you can trust to do quality work that you’ll be proud to present to your clients.

- Bernel, Branded by Bernel

As a brand and web designer there are so many tasks involved in each client's project and it's easy to get consumed in the details. I was overwhelmed, working 60 hours a week and spiraling toward burnout. But then I hired Maya and it was like having a second set of hands. She quickly adapted to my style and I truly valued that she cared about the details as much as I do. Now Maya handles all of the "polishing tasks" in my business that allows me to spend time client facing and being creative. I truly can't recommend Maya enough - she takes my to-do list and gets stuff done!

Working with Maya for white label work over the last two years has been AMAZING.

- Mary, Mary Katherine Design Studio

The designs she creates for my clients are always unique, beautiful, and so on brand for each and every person. I know I can send Maya any project and I won’t have many change requests, which is saying a lot because I can be really particular about design details and style. I feel like Maya just gets me!"

"Maya has helped me go from overbooked and overwhelmed to feeling a lot more peace in my business.

Trying to decide what to delegate? Here are some examples of tasks that can be done in 1-2 days:

Showit Mobile Optimizations (up to 7 pages)

Showit Custom Page Designs (2-3, depending on length)

Long Form Showit Sales Page Design

Showit Template Customization (up to 5 pages)

Logo Packaging + Brand Style Guide

Website Mockups

Canva Social Media Templates

Brand Collateral (business cards, freebie PDFs, pricing guides, etc.)

Client Showit Website Edits

Or submit a list of small tasks to be done in a day, like:

Because every design business and client project is different,

we’ll chat during your discovery call to make sure that the tasks you decide to delegate make sense for a Get it Done Day!

Choose one larger task for a 2 day experience:

help me get stuff done

Using my design skills to support fellow designers truly lights me up. Allow me to lend a hand so that you can knock out your tasks with a sense of relief. The first step is to meet with me for a quick discovery call to chat about your needs!

Let’s do this thing.

*Investment will vary depending on the type of tasks you need help with, and whether you're booking a full or half day! Get in touch for a custom quote.

Investment: $500-$1400

- Bernel, Branded by Bernel

Now with Maya handling packaging logo files, mobile optimizations, and brand collateral design, I can focus on the big picture creative direction elements."

"I was struggling to give every project my full creative attention because the tedious parts I didn't enjoy were so time consuming. 

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Yes! This investment includes 2 rounds of revisions for each task I’m working on.

Are revisions included?

This will depend on the tasks you are delegating. Common items include Showit account access, copywriting, images, font files, and finalized logo designs. Once we’ve decided on the tasks for your Get it Done Day, I’ll let you know what I need and how to submit it! 

What will I need to provide?

When you book a Get it Done Day, you are reserving a half day, full day, or 2 business days with me. A full "day" is typically 8 hours.

How long do I get you for?

more questions

No, you will own all of the rights to the finished client work! This is a white label design service, which means I do the work and your design studio gets the credit. 

Will you take credit for the design work?

While I’ll do my best to complete the agreed upon tasks in time, we can discuss reserving an additional half day or day, depending on the situation.

What if we don't finish everything by the end of the day?

When you book a Get it Done VIP Day, I reserve a spot on my calendar just for you! For this reason, there is a 10% rescheduling fee. I also ask that you let me know at least 2 business days before your scheduled date if you need to reschedule. 

What if we have to reschedule?

start over

get in touch

Have a question that wasn't answered here? I'm happy to help!

Currently, I only design websites using Showit! So, any website tasks that you submit must be for a Showit site. Thanks for your understanding!

Do you work on websites on platforms other than Showit?

I am currently at max capacity and not booking any new on-going white label retainers. So the Get it Done Day is the best way to work with me for white label work!

Do you offer on-going white label retainer services?

Frequently Asked Questions