Young woman using laptop with emails

How to Automatically Send Opt-in Freebies Using Flodesk



June 26, 2020

Young woman using laptop with emails
  1. […] So, that’s how you create a freebie opt-in page using Flodesk! Once you have your opt-in page ready, you’ll need to set up an automated email to deliver the freebie. Make sure to tag the email with the same segment as the opt-in form. If you need help setting up your automated email and attaching your freebie, see my tutorial How to Automatically Send Opt-in Freebies Using Flodesk. […]

  2. Britney Ortega says:

    I get how to Create it, but how would we get a link for it? I’ve created my workflow but either I’m over thinking or missing something, but where is the link to put this freebie in like my IG bio?

    • Maya Palmer says:

      Hi Britney! In part one of this tutorial, I show you how to create a freebie opt-in form. When creating your form, make sure that you assign subscribers to the same segment as the workflow that sends the freebie. When you click to publish the form, you’ll see a link to share it. You’ll want to put that link in your IG bio so people can sign up for it. I hope this helps! – Maya

  3. Thank you so much!! This was VERY helpful!!

    I want to do a 5 Day freebie…is there a way to send one day at a time for 5 days?

    • Maya Palmer says:

      Hi McKenna! I’m so glad this was helpful. When you are setting up setting up the workflow, there should be a plus icon that appears between each email. When you click it, you’ll see an option to set a time delay. You can go in and add a time delay of 1 day between each email. I hope this helps! – Maya

  4. This is very helpful video. Thanks for sharing this important information!

  5. I set everything up, but some reason the emails are not appearing in people’s inbox. I think I’ve set up the workflow correct.

    • Maya Palmer says:

      It could be that the emails are going to the “Promotions” tab, instead of people’s primary inbox. This is pretty common with marketing emails, especially if someone is using Gmail. But if the emails aren’t being delivered at all, it could be a problem with the workflow itself. In that case, it’s pretty hard for me to know what the issue is without being able to see inside your FLodesk account. I recommend contacting FLodesk support, they should be able to help 😀 Good luck with your workflow! Flodesk Support:

  6. This was amazing. What link do I put it I create a Pin on Pinterest?

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