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Hi, my name is Maya. I'm a Showit Web Designer who's passionate about helping creative small businesses grow + thrive. 

Jessie Wyman is Brand and Product Photographer based in Boston, MA. In this episode, we’re chatting about her journey exploring different niches as a self taught photographer, advice for overcoming the challenges of pivoting your business, and how brand photography can help you stand out in a crowded market. Jessie also shares about the educational […]

Pivoting, Brand Photography and More with Jessie Wyman

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Hi everybody, it’s Maya here with another episode of the Creativity & Heart podcast. Let’s chat about ways to continue learning as a business owner. You can never know it all, and the world is ever-changing, so it’s so important to make time for increasing your knowledge as an entrepreneur. One of the reasons that […]

Ways to Keep Learning as an Entrepreneur

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In this episode, I’m sitting down with copywriter Ally Willis of Cadence Copy Studio in Nashville, TN. We’re chatting all about copywriting tips – like the difference between brand messaging and brand voice, why research is so important, and where to start when writing DIY copy! Listen to Episode 14 of the Creativity & Heart Podcast Grab […]

Tips for Developing Your Brand Messaging with Ally Willis

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When I sent out a survey on Instagram earlier this year, one of the questions I got asked most often was “What’s it like to work with a website designer?” or “What’s the website design process like?” So, in this special episode, I’m taking you behind the scenes and sharing about my brand and website […]

What’s it Like to Work with a Website Designer? A Behind-the-Scenes Look

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Web Design

For creative entrepreneurs, an important part of having confidence and clarity in your branding is understanding what sets you apart. This might seem simple, or like a hard question to answer (and that’s okay!). It’s so easy to get distracted by comparison and believe the lie that we’re not good enough, or that what we […]

How to Discover What Sets Your Brand Apart

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When you first started your business, you were so excited to use your gifts to make a difference in this world, on your own terms. Then, things got a little complicated as you emerged yourself into entrepreneurship. Between understanding Instagram strategy, trying to attract your dream clients, and juggling the daily responsibilities of life, it’s […]

3 Common Branding Mistakes to Avoid When Developing your Heartfelt Brand

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As you might already know, a quality brand + web design isn’t just beautiful. They must encompass authentic strategy to help you achieve your goals. Below are tips for improving your website by blending your heart, authentic strategy, and design so that you can book more clients. These 5 tips are all things that I […]

5 Things Your Website Needs to Help You Book More Clients

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Web Design

The Creativity & Heart podcast – Episode 7 I want to share a behind-the-scenes look at the services I’m launching in September 2020, and some decisions that I’ve made in my business so that I can serve y’all even better! I hope that by sharing my experiences and decisions, you’ll be inspired to consider ways […]

A Behind-the-Scenes Sneak Peek of My Services Launch

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Creativity & Heart Podcast – Episode 6 As a website designer, I can tell you that a site with a pretty design is not enough. Your website needs purposeful content (text and images) to really work for you. Here are tips for writing website content that will help you stand out. The Role of Copywriting […]

Tips for Writing Website Copy That Makes Your Audience Feel Understood

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Web Design

Today, I’m sharing about how I recently used a brand style guide while creating an email graphic for a client, and how creating your own guide can be an asset to your business.

A Brand Style Guide Example & Tips for Creating Yours