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Hi, my name is Maya. I'm a Showit Web Designer who's passionate about helping creative small businesses grow + thrive. 



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Feeling stuck as a new business owner can be such a frustrating feeling. You started your business starry-eyed and ready to use your talents to put something amazing in the world. But now, a year or so in, you’re realizing that running a business might be harder than you anticipated. I know exactly what that’s […]

5 Tips for New Business Owners Who are Feeling Stuck

Grow Your Business

In the fall of 2019, I decided that it was time to take my business seriously. For the next several months, I followed all the common tips for small business owners that you hear: posting on Instagram, starting YouTube channel, creating a podcast, blogging with SEO, taking courses, attending a conference, and reading books… …But […]

4 Tips for Growing Your Business: Learn to Walk Before You Try to Run


As small business owners, we juggle so much. With our plates so full, content creation is one of the tasks that often gets moved to the bottom of the list. But when it comes to content marketing, consistency is key if we want to see results. In this episode, I’m sitting down with Kelli Tobin […]

How to Stay Consistent on Social Media without Feeling Overwhelmed: with The Biz Runners

Kristen Van Horn and Kelli Tobin of The Biz Runners

Social Media

In this episode of the Creativity & Heart podcast, I’m sharing about the book Own Your Everyday by Jordan Lee Dooley. It’ll mostly be me sharing my biggest takeaways, and I’ll do my best not to share any spoilers! This book really resonated with me and I highly recommend it to anyone who’s struggling with […]

A Young Entrepreneur’s Takeaways from the book Own Your Everyday

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Angela Palmer is the founder of Angela Monica, a blog that encourages mothers to explore their creativity, find their identity outside of being a mom, and live their best life. She also happens to be my mom! In this episode of the Creativity & Heart podcast, we’re sitting down to chat about creativity, and how […]

Chatting about Life, Creative Business, and Motherhood with my Mom!

Angela Palmer headshot


As creative business owners, creativity is something that comes naturally to us. However, I also think that since being creative is our job, we sometimes put too much pressure on ourselves to come up with new ideas and take the fun out of it. In this episode, let’s explore fun ways to find creative inspiration both […]

Finding Creative Inspiration & Exploring New Creative Outlets


One phrase that I’ve heard about over and over again lately is “give yourself grace.” I want to explore what that means, and practical ways for us to do this as business owners and humans in general. Obviously I don’t have all the answers, but this episode will be more reflective with some rhetorical questions […]

What does it mean to give yourself grace, and how can we do this in our daily lives?

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For creative entrepreneurs, an important part of having confidence and clarity in your branding is understanding what sets you apart. This might seem simple, or like a hard question to answer (and that’s okay!). It’s so easy to get distracted by comparison and believe the lie that we’re not good enough, or that what we […]

How to Discover What Sets Your Brand Apart

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The Creativity & Heart Podcast – Episode 5 Life as a creative entrepreneur is busy. Here are a few tips for finding work life balance to make things a little easier. Without balance, you’re probably feeling stressed out to the max. In complete honesty, I still haven’t figured out how to achieve work life balance […]

Finding Work Life Balance as a Creative Entrepreneur

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The Creativity & Heart Podcast – Episode 2  When this episode first airs, I will have recently celebrated my 22nd birthday! In celebration of 22 years of life, and about 3 years of hustling as a business owner, I’m sharing 22 lessons I’ve learned as a young entrepreneur. I hope that you can relate to […]

22 Lessons I’ve Learned as a Young Entrepreneur

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How to Choose a Showit Template

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