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Hi, my name is Maya. I'm a Showit Web Designer who's passionate about helping creative small businesses grow + thrive. 



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APPLE PODCASTS | SPOTIFY | STITCHER Confession – In college, my mom used to try to get me to listen to finance podcasts, talk about passive income, etc. I thought it was boring (sorry Mom). But once I started running a business and adulting post-college, I realized how important it is to have a handle on your finances. That’s […]

Finance Book Recommendations for Managing Money in Business and Life


“Just set my Q4 goals!” I was scrolling Instagram, and saw another business owner post about goal setting in her story. “Oh, I should probably do that.” I thought. I’m sure you’ve had a similar experience as a new business owner, where someone mentions something you hadn’t even thought of. It makes sense that some […]

How to Set Business Goals: 3 Tips to Consider Before You Start Planning

Grow Your Business

Running a business as a part-time entrepreneur is hard work, especially if you’re wearing many hats. And you’ve probably got other obligations, like working a full-time job, part-time job, or going to school. Getting organized will make juggling your responsibilities as a business owner easier. When you’re organized, you can make the most of your […]

3 Easy Ways to Organize Your Business as a Part-time Entrepreneur


Feeling stuck as a new business owner can be such a frustrating feeling. You started your business starry-eyed and ready to use your talents to put something amazing in the world. But now, a year or so in, you’re realizing that running a business might be harder than you anticipated. I know exactly what that’s […]

5 Tips for New Business Owners Who are Feeling Stuck

Grow Your Business

If you’ve owned a business for any amount of time, you’ve probably heard a marketing guru say: “You NEED an email list!” The reasoning is that social media is rented land, but your email list and website are things that you actually own. So, you go to Google and try to choose an email marketing […]

Have You Been Wondering Which Email Marketing Platform to Use?

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Email Marketing

Isn’t it so frustrating to have to dig through your inbox to find that *one* email from your client? Multiply by all the clients you’re working with, and you’ll be spending more time in your inbox than you’d probably like to be. I recently cut down on the amount of emails that I have to […]

How to Set Up a Client Trello Board to Make Working Together Easier


Entrepreneurship is exciting and fun, but it can also be hard and lonely. I once heard Jenna Kutcher share that entrepreneurship is 10% doing the thing that you love, and 90% learning all of the things that you need to run a business successfully. That’s so true, isn’t it?! I started my graphic design business […]

I’m a Booked Out Designer! What Elizabeth McCravy’s Course is Like

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Grow Your Business

How to Choose a Showit Template

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