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Tasha and I chat about what it’s like to shift into a CEO role and start building an agency! Get ready for some mindset shifts and tactical steps that you can apply in your business!

Scaling an Agency Model as a Service Provider with Tasha Booth

A designer, course creator, and business mentor, Elizabeth shares her best tips for building genuine community and creating content for a varied audience. 

Building Genuine Community as a Brand with Elizabeth McCravy

Natasha is an Instagram Strategist, band she’s been intentional about cultivating a brand that welcomes all people.

How to be a More Inclusive Leader by Owning Your Values with Natasha Samuel

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I love designing (obviously), spoiling my dog, and baking treats for family and friends. Running my own business is a dream come true. Getting to support other small business owners in achieving their dreams makes this journey that much sweeter. 

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