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Hi, my name is Maya. I'm a Showit Web Designer who's passionate about helping creative small businesses grow + thrive. 



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Isn’t it so frustrating to have to dig through your inbox to find that *one* email from your client? Multiply by all the clients you’re working with, and you’ll be spending more time in your inbox than you’d probably like to be. I recently cut down on the amount of emails that I have to […]

How to Set Up a Client Trello Board to Make Working Together Easier


Entrepreneurship is exciting and fun, but it can also be hard and lonely. I once heard Jenna Kutcher share that entrepreneurship is 10% doing the thing that you love, and 90% learning all of the things that you need to run a business successfully. That’s so true, isn’t it?! I started my graphic design business […]

I’m a Booked Out Designer! What Elizabeth McCravy’s Course is Like

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Grow Your Business

Puppies are kind of like furry toddlers. They throw tantrums, have to get their naps in, and need lots of love and patience. My Cocker Spaniel, Sage, joined our family when she was 10 weeks old. After living with a senior dog for so long, I was surprised by what a whirlwind it was to […]

14 Puppy Essentials to Make Dog Mom Life Easier

Dog Mom Life

You were so excited to launch your first website. You hoped it would be the ticket to “feeling like a real business owner” and getting the results you’ve dreamed of. But creating a website ended up being harder than you anticipated. Instead of a beautiful, strategic extension of your heart, you ended up with a […]

What Makes Showit Different? 3 Things You Should Know About This Website Builder

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Branding your nonprofit can feel like an overwhelming task. If you aren’t entirely sure how to brand your organization correctly – you’re in the right place! I’m here to share some of my best tips for creating a cohesive brand. Strong branding will help your organization become a recognizable part of your community, spread your […]

Nonprofit Branding Tips to Help You Connect & Grow


Shirika Bevill is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who provides therapy in Ridgeland, MS. She is passionate about helping individuals, couples, and families improve their lives. This project was such a fun challenge because Shirika came to me with an existing logo and brochure. I used these designs as inspiration for her website! You’ll notice […]

Therapist Website Design for Therapy Unlimited

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When it comes to getting results from your website, it’s so important to maintain it regularly and be strategic about the content and design choices you make. Instead of randomly guessing about what should go on your site, let me help you out! Let’s chat about using my free website audit checklist or purchasing a […]

Free Website Audit Checklist for Your Small Business

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One of my favorite parts of the brand design process is putting together a polished brand style guide for clients! This guide is simply a document with all of your brand color, font, and aesthetic information. I also like to include key brand messaging – like a mission statement, brand voice/tone, core values, etc. In […]

How to Create a Brand Style Guide in 5 Easy Steps


Erica Rascoe is one of the funniest and most encouraging people I know. When she reached out about creating a website design for her nonprofit, I knew this was going to be a fun project! At the time, Erica had already started a YouTube channel for Miss Erica’s Reading Club, her nonprofit that strives to […]

Nonprofit Brand and Website Design for Miss Erica’s Reading Club

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In the fall of 2019, I decided that it was time to take my business seriously. For the next several months, I followed all the common tips for small business owners that you hear: posting on Instagram, starting YouTube channel, creating a podcast, blogging with SEO, taking courses, attending a conference, and reading books… …But […]

4 Tips for Growing Your Business: Learn to Walk Before You Try to Run


How to Grow Your Business When You Have Limited Time

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Struggling to do #allthethings to grow your new business? Get my free guide to help you figure out what you should focus on and protect your time!