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Hi, my name is Maya. I'm a Showit Web Designer who's passionate about helping creative small businesses grow + thrive. 

When it comes to website builders out there, Squarespace is a pretty popular option – especially within the creative entrepreneur scene. Showit is much newer, and it’s not as well known yet. However, both are great options for creating a quality website for your business. So, let’s chat about Showit vs Squarespace, and how you […]

Showit vs Squarespace: How to Decided Which is Best for Your Creative Business

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Let’s chat about Showit vs. Wix, and how you can decide which website builder is best for your business. This episode is actually part 2 of a series I’m doing on website platforms. If you haven’t listened to part 1 yet, I compare Showit and Shopify in episode 16 of this podcast. I get asked […]

Showit vs. Wix: How to Decided Which is Best for Your Creative Business

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Let’s break down what makes Showit and Shopify the best platforms out there in terms of price, quality, customization, and convenience.

Showit vs. Shopify: What Every Creative Business Owner Should Know

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In this episode of the Creativity & Heart podcast, I’m sharing about the book Own Your Everyday by Jordan Lee Dooley. It’ll mostly be me sharing my biggest takeaways, and I’ll do my best not to share any spoilers! This book really resonated with me and I highly recommend it to anyone who’s struggling with […]

A Young Entrepreneur’s Takeaways from the book Own Your Everyday

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In this episode, I’m sitting down with copywriter Ally Willis of Cadence Copy Studio in Nashville, TN. We’re chatting all about copywriting tips – like the difference between brand messaging and brand voice, why research is so important, and where to start when writing DIY copy! Listen to Episode 14 of the Creativity & Heart Podcast Grab […]

Tips for Developing Your Brand Messaging with Ally Willis

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Angela Palmer is the founder of Angela Monica, a blog that encourages mothers to explore their creativity, find their identity outside of being a mom, and live their best life. She also happens to be my mom! In this episode of the Creativity & Heart podcast, we’re sitting down to chat about creativity, and how […]

Chatting about Life, Creative Business, and Motherhood with my Mom!

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As creative business owners, creativity is something that comes naturally to us. However, I also think that since being creative is our job, we sometimes put too much pressure on ourselves to come up with new ideas and take the fun out of it. In this episode, let’s explore fun ways to find creative inspiration both […]

Finding Creative Inspiration & Exploring New Creative Outlets


When I sent out a survey on Instagram earlier this year, one of the questions I got asked most often was “What’s it like to work with a website designer?” or “What’s the website design process like?” So, in this special episode, I’m taking you behind the scenes and sharing about my brand and website […]

What’s it Like to Work with a Website Designer? A Behind-the-Scenes Look

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One phrase that I’ve heard about over and over again lately is “give yourself grace.” I want to explore what that means, and practical ways for us to do this as business owners and humans in general. Obviously I don’t have all the answers, but this episode will be more reflective with some rhetorical questions […]

What does it mean to give yourself grace, and how can we do this in our daily lives?

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In this podcast episode, I’m want sharing 5 tools that will help you save time, get organized, and serve well in your creative business. You might have heard of some (or all of these) already, but I hope you’ll learn something new by me sharing about how I use them!  In case you’re new to […]

5 Tools to Help You Save Time, Get Organized & Serve Well

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